Over the past decade I have been lucky enough to work with some great people, locally and internationally across the UK and Europe. From the Northern Ireland national football team to local governments, global corporations, charities, tech start-ups and quirky barbershops, I have worked with an amazing blend of people from all corners of industry.

I’m a Brand Consultant and I specialise in Identity Design and Strategic Brand Positioning. But working with such a wide range of people I have added quite a few strings to my bow. I have just as much experience in digital as I do in print. I’m a hybrid.

I can pen words for advertising, craft logos and generate ideas. I help build brands.

To find out more about who I’ve worked with, check out my LinkedIn.

Say hello to mark@thebrandmark.co.uk

What I do

Strategic thinking

Brand naming and personality

Logo and Brand Identity design

Copywriting and advertising ideas

Graphic design

Marketing and campaign ideas

How I do it

My approach is strategic.

I will take an unbiased look at your company and pinpoint what makes you great (and what might be holding you back). After that, I craft your brand and create targeted communications to help you stay one step ahead of your competition.